General Towards

Sustainable Tourism

The project aspires to mainstream sustainable practices and the conservation of biodiversity are of vital importance for the productivity and continuity of the tourism sector in Egypt. Therefore, this project is divided into three main components:

Firstly, the project aims to make sure that the direct adverse impacts of tourism infrastructure development on biodiversity are avoided, reduced or compensated.

Secondly, the project aims to reduce the negative impacts on biodiversity caused by inappropriate practices from tourists and tourist establishments.

Thirdly, the project aims to strengthen the existing PA system and its management in three target regions with high levels of biodiversity that are exposed to tourism development and activities.

A bundle of tools and techniques will be applied throughout the mainstreaming process to achieve the project goal, objectives, outcomes and outputs that includes dialogue creation, working groups and scenario planning exercises.

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Development Toward

Sustainable Tourism

Development in Egypt

A growing and thriving tourism industry in Egypt over recent years has highlighted the need for a more sustainable approach towards tourism planning and development. This project aims to support the industry and government institutions in addressing the various gaps within the planning and regulatory framework that shape tourism development in the country. As well as, providing a platform for government institutions, the private sector and civil society to work together in harmony to promote a more sustainable and productive industry. 

Activities Towards

Sustainable Tourism

Operations in Egypt

Encouraging tourism service providers and operators to adopt sound, environmentally aware standards and practices are key to the success of this project. Our goal is to strengthen the legal, policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks at national and sub- national levels used to plan, license and oversee tourism activities and developments in Egypt. In addition, the project will support, as well as introduce responsible tourism practices and measures for service, tour and activity operators which is crucial for enhancing reliability, transparency and sustainability within the industry. 

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Protected Area Enhancing Management

Capacities in Protected Areas

Enhancing and preserving the existing protected area network in Egypt is an important cornerstone of this project. The aim is to successfully promote Egypt as a global destination for ecotourism and develop community-based systems to allow locals to benefit from these natural resources and manage them sustainably. The project will also address the need for an increase in management capacities within existing protected areas and introduce novel co-management techniques, as means to safeguard the unique ecology and biodiversity found in these regions.